Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to partition hard drive without formatting !!!

How to partition hard drive without formatting
7 and above have special ability to shrink partition and crte a new one without losing any data and formatting existing partition.Before crting a new partition from old one, make sure the existing drive is 50% empty so that you don’t lose any data
How to partition hard drive without formatting in Win7 ?Step 1: Right-click on Computer in Start menu and select Manage
Step 2: Double-click on Storage and then select Management
Step 3: In this screen you see all the drives present on your computer.
Suppose you want to partition drive D which has size of 20GB and want to crte another drive G of 10GB from drive D, so right-click on drive D and select option Shrink
Step 4: In next , type in 10000 for 10GB in Enter the amount of space to Shrink in MB option, you can replace 10000(for 10GB) with anything else of your choice
Step 5: Click on Shrink button and wait for few minutes
Step 6: After a while, you will find a new Unalloed space which would be about same size, now right click on it and select option – New Simple Volume…
Step 7: Click next twice, if you want to continue with the same size
Step 8: Select the drive letter for the new drive and click next
Step 9: Keep the default settings i.e. Format this volume and make sure NTFS is selected
Step 10: Click next and then finish, wait for awhile and Tana! your new drive has been crted without formatting any other drive
Plse remember that formatting drive and crting new drive is very serious stuff which may sometimes requires patience, not going according to steps and unexpected shutdown may destroy your hard drive so be careful with this stuff.
Above was for Vista and above, XP user may use 3rd-party appliions such as seUS.

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