Wednesday, May 18, 2016

History Behind Name of ,Yahoo , , Google , and

The founder of Inc, SteveJobs used to work in an Farm. When he decided to starthis business, he joked with hisfriends that if they did notsuggest a name for his companyhe will then name it as Computers. Obviously his friendscould not come out with a namnd hence Steve named it as Computers.

Bill Gates named fromtwo words. Microcomputer andSoftware. In yr 1975, Bill Gateswrote a letter to his colue PaulAllen, he wrote as Micro-Soft. Butin 1976 they registered the name as a single name.


The first name of Yahoo was“Jerry and David’s Guide to theWorld Wide Web”. In 1994 itchanged its name to Yahoo. Thename was taken from a phrasefrom Jonathan Swift’s novel,Gulliver’s Travels. YAHOO is theshort form of the phrase “YetAnother Hierarchical Officious”. This word refers to abarbaric and uncivilized youth.The founders Jerry Yang andDavid Filo wanted to choose thisname as they wanted themselvesto be wittingly egorized thus.

is the name of a river. Oneof the founders of , JohnNack, lives in Los Altas inCalifornia. This river runs behindhis house.

Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore arethe founders of . Initially theywanted to name it as “MooreNoyce” Later they found thatthere was another company withthat name which ran a group ofhotels. Therefore, they decided tolook for another name. Then theywere toying with the name ‘MoreNoise’. They thought, for asemiconductor company thisname could be a wrong name.Then for the first yr they used‘NM Electronics’ as their companyname. Finally, got its name asa short form of IntegratedElectronics.
Larry Page and Sergey Brin are thefounders of Google.When theywere studying in StanfordUniversity, they worked on aproject report to crte an onlineSrch engine. Their aim wassimple. When someone srchedfor a word, the result shouldfetch huge of relevantsites. In fact they wished forGoogol of results.YesGoogol represents a which is 1 followed by 100zeroes. Therefore they wanted toname it as googol. But when theysubmitted their project report forfunding to an investor, theinvestor gave a cheque whichwas payable to ‘Google’ instd ofGoogol. So hat was a spellingmistake. But Larry and Sergeydecided to keep it as Google andthat's how the name came about.

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