Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to transfer large files on Facebook Via PIPE

PIPE is a facebook app that allow you to share files more than one GB in size.You can send large files even if receiver is in offline mode.Follow given below steps to send file via PIPE.
Connect the Pipe app to your Facebook account.To connect with PIPE click on below link.

Connect with PIPE
Allow this app to access your timeline.One thing is thatPipe does not send messages that you have not authorized.

Click the Friends button in the top left-hand corner of the Pipe app to find friend to send a file.4:
A window will appr which allow you to select a file from your computer's loion.Click any file up to 1 GB which you want to share.If your friend is online:

There is a pop up box which has your personal messages.Click on "Send file Now" and you have done.The app will tell you full detail about your sending file like file name,size,percentage completed etc.If your friend is offline:

Pipe will give you "send to locker" if your friend is in offline.You have to choose some time like some days,that your friend will receive file when he will be online.He/she will receive a message that one file is waiting for them to download.

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