Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to Unblock Website URl Blocked By Facebook

Every day the management of Facebook is using Terms and Conditions for the users.Facebook has strict rules for user in respect to privacy.Sometime your website URL are blocked by facebook if you again and again post this URL on facebook.A warning message then display which notify you that your entered content has been blocked.

Unblock Website URL from Facebook:Click on link “Let us Know” as in above shown. Another page will open where you find solution of your problem. You will be given a form, fill out the form and let the Facebook know that the URL you are posting arenot spamand they have been blocked accidentally. You will receive an email from Facebook management.
You can also tryURL Link Shortnerfor erating custom URL. You can find a lot of custom URL shortener online and some of them have been blocked by Facebook, but there are some specfic which you can use. TheseURL Shortenerinclude Stumbleupon URL Shortner, Google URL Shortner. You can use these services for posting your URL.

Avoid posting the links again and again it will blocked your website again. Try to post limited of links only.

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