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Importance of Plants

Importance of PlantsPlants are important because they are responsible for the presence of oxy, which is a gas that is needed by plants and other organisms to brthe. They are also important since they act as food to animals and human beings.plants provide food, O2, habitats, medicines and clothes etc.

A huge majority of modern Pharmaceuticals are derived from plants found in natural ecosystem. Although sythesizing chemicals for medicine are possible. But it is cer to derive medicine from naturally occuring sources. Bio prospecting ( havesting plants in a foreign to crte medicine ) is a huge industry in the Amazon Rain Forest.

Amazon rain forest


Plants make food

Plants are the only organisms that can convert light energy from the sun into food. And plants produce ALL of the food that animals, including people, t. Even mt. The animals that give us mt, such as chickens and cows, t grass, oats, corn, or some other plants.

Plants provide oxy

One of the materials that plants produce as they make food is oxy gas. This oxy gas, which is an important part of the air, is the gas that plants and animals must have in order to stay alive. When people brthe, it is the oxy that we take out of the air to keep our cells and bodies alive. All of the oxy available for living organisms comes from plants.

Plants provide habitate for animalsPlants are the primary habitat for thousands of other organisms. Animals live in, on, or under plants. Plants provide shelter and safety for animals. Plants also provide a place for animals to find other food. As a habitat, plants alter the climate. On a small scale, plants provide shade, help moderate the temperature, and protect animals from the wind. On a larger scale, such as in tropical rainforests, plants actually change the rainfall patterns over large ars of the rth's surface.

Plants help in making and preserving soil
In the forest and the prairie, the roots of plants help hold the soil together. This reduces erosion and helps conserve the soil. Plants also help make soil. Soil is made up of lots of particles of rocks which are down into very small pieces. When plants die, their decomposed remains are added to the soil. This helps to make the soil rich withnutrients.

Plants provide usefull products
Many plants are important sources of products that people use, including food, fibers (for cloth), and medicines. Plants also help provide some of our energy needs. In some parts of the world, wood is the primary fuel used by people to cook their mls and ht their homes. Many of the other types of fuel we use today, such as coal, natural gas, and gasoline, were made from plants that lived millions of yrs ago.

Plants butify

Plants, because of their buty, are important elements of out human world. When we build houses and other buildings, we never think the job is done until we have planted trees, shrubs, and flowers to make what we have built much nicer.


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