Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tips to recover scratched 's

Tips to recover scratched 's
Here we go :
1.Sprd a cloth on a flat surface and place the on it.
2.Then, hold the disc with one hand, use the other to wipe the polish into the affected ar with a soft cloth.
3.Wait for it to dry and buff using short, brisk strokes along the scratch,not across it.
4.A cloth sold to wipe spectacles or camera lenses will work wonders.
5.When you can no longer see the scratch, wash the disc with water and let it dry before playing.

interesting isn't it? Try it right now

yes you are going to b surely benefited by this Operation i hope you all like it :)I have used tootaste with good effects before I have also used car paint cutting compound on deeper scratches. It lve lots of smaller scratches (as it is a cutting compound after all) but it will remove the worst scratches in most cases,

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