Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives

Google adsense is an popular platform to monetize user's sites.It is not sy to approved by google adsense.Don't worry there are many others alternatives which gives you sy access to adsense to make money online.If you have a standerd and pure content on your site then you can sily rn handsome money.Short review about these alternatives is given below.
1) Buy Sell Ads

This is best online ad network for the users who want to rn money online.By this source you can sell and by ads.If you have outstanding post and favourable page views then its not difficult to get an account."Buy sell ads" pay you 75% revenue.
2) Infolinks

It is among top class advertising program. It facilitates you for Pay Per Click advertising system for indexing your site to add some hyperlinks in it.It give you golden chance to rn handsome amount of money by making traffic of USA and canda.It pays you minimum 50$.
3) Chitika
Chitika is similar with Google Adsense. User have much control on their ads like google adsense.Money is transfer to user by paypal.This platform pay minimum 10$ to its users.If you receive money be check it would require a minimum payout of 50$.
4) ClickSor
ClickSor is best for beginners which have low traffic but want to rn. It gives you various kinds of Ads such as Pop ups and In-Text Contextual. The minimum amount paid to the user is $50.It will improve your traffic.
5) Kontera

Kontera has resemblance with Infolinks. It change the text into ads and helps you in rning money.If you have good of page views you can get account. The minimum amount it pays the users is $50.

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