Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to Incrse IDM Speed ?

Incrse IDM Speed

Launch Internet DownloadManager by double-clickingthedesktop shortcut or byselecting the icon within the Start menu. After a few seconds, the mainappliion window isdisplayed. Click Option in the Downloadmenu and choose theConnection tab. Select the Connection Type/Speed drop down and chooseLAN 10Mbs. This option sets InternetDownload Manager to thefastest possible mode, but itrequires a lot of bandwidth forit to be effective. If you arerunning a DSL connection of less than 10mbs, then thissetting is not recommended. Loe the Default MaxConnection setting.IDM uses multiple sourceswhen downloading large files,and ch source needs aseparate connection. If the default max is set too low,then this will throttle IDMsability to download filesextra-quickly. Set the Default Max Connection as 16, which is thehighest possible ofconnections supported by IDM.Click OK to apply the settingsspecified in this guide. Test the new settings bydownloading a file from theinternet using IDM. Click AddURL to add the loion of anew download and in thewindow that opens, enter the URL of a file on the internet. Select the file in the queue andclick Start/Resume Downloadto begin downloading the filefrom the internet to yourcomputer. You should notice aspeed incrse in the time it takes to download large files,now that you have set up IDMcorrectly.

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