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World's Ocn day 8th June 2013

World's Ocn day 8th June 2013

Ocn is the grt crtion of ALLAH Almighty. Its not just a resource of water or food but it has a big world in its own.World's Ocn day is 1st time celebrating on 2002. Water is basic need of human being so celebrating this grt event mn to aware our people and erations to rlize the importance of water and make sure they will protect this grt source of water and food. Water occupy the 3/4 ar of our land so according to scientist if we move road roller in the whole world then there is water every where and its height is 0.5 inch up to rth.
Surface Ar of the Planet (510,066,000 sq km)Land Ar on the Planet (148,647,000 sq km) 29.1% Ocn Ar (335,258,000 sq km)Total Water Ar (361,419,000 sq km) 70.9%Type of Water (97% salt), (3% fresh)
The World's ocn are divided by size in five egories these are as follow:

Pacific (155,557,000 sq km)Atlantic (76,762,000 sq km)Indian (68,556,000 sq km)Southern (20,327,000 sq km)Arctic (14,056,000 sq km)
Pacific (155,557,000 sq km)
By size pacific is the largest ocn of this world. It is between the Australia, Asia, America and Ocnia. The grtest depth point in pacific is Mariana Trench, Pacific 35,827 ft.

Atlantic (76,762,000 sq km)
Atlantic got 2nd position by size . It is also very huge in size Atlantic meets the Indian Ocn south of Africa at Cape Agulhas. The deepest point of Atlantic is Puerto Rico Trench, Atlantic 30,246 ft

Indian (68,556,000 sq km)
Indian Ocn is between Africa and Australia. It is also very important for Pakistan and India. It is hot water s and its help in s trading. Hot water ocn is very important in international trading so all Europn countries has their eyes on this ocn. The deepest point of Indian Ocn is Java Trench, Indian 24,460 ft.

Southern (20,327,000 sq km)
The Southern Ocn is partially covered in s ice. The deepest point of Southern Ocn is Southern Ocn, 23,737 ft

Arctic (14,056,000 sq km)
Arctic is the smallest ocn in the list of five largest ocns. Arctic Ocn is partially covered in s ice, the extent of which varies according to the sson. The deepest point of Arctic Ocn is Arctic Basin, Arctic 18,456 ft

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