Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Top 7 Colorful Themes for Google Chrome

Among most popular browser Google Chrome is at top. The most exciting thing about Google Chrome is that this browser is entirely customizable.It has new ftures and show quick performance.Top theme for chrome are as follow which are free.

1) The Smurfs

It is very charming and butiful theme in blue colour. It is an amazing theme with the contrast of blue and white colors. It can be downloaded from chrome web store.

2) Bob Marley

his amazing theme has been devoted to Reggae’s King.There is loin in which make it amazing. The lion has been presented due to Rastafri Movement. The theme has contrast of Yellow, Red, Green, White and various other colors.

3) Cute Kitten Theme

This is butifull theme having the s of a cute Kitten. Kitten in make it attractive and butiful for users.

4) Avatar

Avatar blue colour theme make it more wonderfull and amazing.It is at top among top 10 themes of google chrome.

5) Mark Ecko

Mark Ecko is an excellent theme with new ftures.Mostly users prefer this wonderful and alluring theme.

6) Night Time In New York City

Dark ry liking user prefer this wonderful theme. This fascinating theme displays the night time in the New York City and the glamour.
7) Angry Birds

This is very amazing and interesting theme.It lve a long lasting effect.You can customize Google Chrome with this butiful theme. It lves an everlasting impression.

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