Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How To Unlock Any Phone

How To Unlock Any Phone ?

First Method :
>Take the phone locked withsecurity >Press and hold the unlock buttonfor a while without relsing it.the phone will display now press*>Quickly press the star button andthe phone will be unlockedIf this method does not work youcan try the second one

Second Method:For this method you will need thephone while its not locked. Or ifyou know the type of the phonejust srch on the internet for the which you mayfind.
>While the phone is not yetlocked, dial *#06# to get the imeior of the phone.Write it down somewhereNow go to
>When the page loads, select, freeremote master
>In the ar provided for imei/ , insert the /imei of the phone.
Click on erate.

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